About ADR Plastics

A.D.R PLASTICS founded by the visionary Mr. A. DURAI RAJ during the year 1996 in the Plastic Hub of Madurai , Tamil Nadu, South India.  

With his forethought that NO SUBSTITUTE would be forthcoming for use of Plastics, by it's cost, comfort, convenience, adoptability ,mobility , more so, in Household usage, he has ESTABLISHED an injection moulding manufacturing facility which has successfully passed through challenges of maintaining competitive pricing, high standards of quality and timely supply. 

With proven successful process control plans, preventive / corrective action system / Complete Lot traceability, currently with large focus on domestic market, trailing the blazing spirit to expand it's reach on a global basis, we display our range of products that continue to dominate the selling volume in the household plastic sector.  

In a market crowded with Plastic products, our brand "A D R " is superior in quality, strong, durable, beautiful and elegant.  

Our products are designed by experts and available in suitable sizes. ADR is a responsible industry player and the products are also highly demanded. Although categorized as Household, our products are widely used in residences, offices and also commercial establishments.  

Having employed highly diligent, innovative professionals in the respective segments with vast industry experience, our sharp business acumen and ethical conduct of business have received high appreciations from our customers.  

* Products Dimensions / Capacity are given in Approximate Millimeters & Millilitres